TVI Express Review From a Third Party Expert! Hype Or Internet Goldmine?

The biggest hype of network industry is TVI Express which was launched early in 2009. That was the first impression that I have of this network company when I heard that you can earn $15,000 with sponsoring two people.

Can someone make $15,000 with just sponsoring two people?

How in the world that TVI Express can send thousands of people to expense paid trip all over the world just by joining?

There were so many questions without any answers that make me thought TVI Express must be the biggest scandal, hype, pyramid that the history of internet has ever seen. This is also the business opportunity that people are joining by thousands everyday. Consider that traveling is a competitive niche for the network community to get involve and get any kind of successful result.

So, I decided to do my research thoroughly to see if this company is really a scam?

TVI Express or Travel Ventures International is a top tier hospitality and travel company based out of London,UK. The company first launched in India before opened their door to China and will soon be in 50 countries around the world. A short time ago this network company took cement their status in The USA and Canada. They have partnered with some of the biggest company in the travel industry such as Virgin, Hertz, Avis, Sheraton, Swiss International Airlines, Royal Caribbean, and Hyatt to name a few. Do you think this is a scam business opportunity after reading this fact. If yes, do you think this alliances will still want to do business with them? Definitely not. Even if it is least bit questionable after doing their research,they will run screaming the other direction.

As at today,the company has already grown to around 500,000 distributors worldwide.

What about their compensation plan?

This was the important question that I was searching for answer when I did my research in the first place. How do you earn $15,000 just by sponsoring two people. Well,here is how? When you join TVI Express, it will costs $250. Then all you have to do is get two people to join under you and you’re on the go. Once you sponsor two people, you are in a revolving matrix which you are at the top position from spillover. Every time you ‘cycle’ you be paid $15,000.00. There are only two commission payout.The first commission is $500 and the second one is $15,000. Every time you achieve the Express Board, you will receive 15,000 over and over again.

Is TVI Express Is A Scam?

This company is definitely not a scam. Like I said earlier, some of the biggest travel agencies are their alliances. What you have with this company is a solid business opportunity, excellent company with great compensation plan and top leadership. The company is expanding globally and the future is bright for those who wants to get involve with. It is no wonder, thousands of people are joining Travel Venture International everyday. The toughest question is, will you succeed in this business opportunity with lack of training and support? I have to admit, the odd you will get any kind of success with Travel Ventures International is stack against you. You will not succeed with this business opportunity unless you have good knowledge of marketing and training.

As with other network business opportunity, you own your success. Not the company. With TVI Express, what you get is the company is giving you a great business opportunity to excel in but the level of success will depend how you market and recruit 2 top distributors into your team. One piece of advice though, you need to recruit hundreds or thousands of distributors into your team even you need two to duplicate what you are doing? That’s it, my friend. Good luck to you in building your organization with TVI Express.

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