TVI Express – A Third Party Review

I’d like to briefly talk about TVI Express, both the products they offer and the opportunity for the entrepreneur. I’m going to review the history of the company, how to make money with the company, and offer some insights about marketing this business online successfully. TVI Express stands for Travel Ventures International, and is currently operating in 150 different countries around the world, and expanding rapidly. TVI Express started business earlier in 2009 in very few countries, and due to the initial success they achieved they expanded globally.

TVI Express is a travel and hospitality company. Travel Ventures International is headquartered in London, but does business globally through the internet. The fact that this business is based around internet marketing will allow its distributors and customers to access all of their products and services from anywhere in the world. This particular business is all about travel, something that people are already doing and would love to be saving money on at the same time. That’s where TVI Express comes into play. TVI Express has alliances all over the globe including airlines, cruises, hotels, and even car rentals. These different alliances offer less expensive travel and hospitality rates for people all over the globe.

The cost to join TVI Express is $250 to $275 depending on your payment method, and there are no more fees for the opportunity side of the business. Included in that package is a 7 day, 6 night hotel stay almost anywhere in the world. That hotel stay is the product that TVI Express is based around. So essentially you’re buying a product for a discounted rate, and you’re becoming a business owner at the same time. There are quite a few other products, all relative to the travel and hospitality industry, which can be purchased at a discount after you become a member of this club.

As far as building a team goes, you’re required to gather 2 team members or distributors directly underneath yourself, and then to teach your team how to duplicate your success. You can stop there if you want, but if you’re looking for faster growth and more money, you can build a larger direct team. The fact that you’re only required to find 2 people to join this business will make this a very easy business to build. However, if you decide to build a larger direct team your commission percentages will increase dramatically.

The only thing I can tell you from my experience with different MLM companies is that you’re going to need to get some outside training on how to effectively market a business online. Once you set up your system and get your company website they provide, you’re going to need to generate targeted traffic to your website. There are a lot of various methods to generate traffic online, some are better than others, and some are more expensive than others. Your current financial situation will ultimately decide which methods you would use to build your business.

In conclusion, TVI Express is a travel club very similar to many other clubs out there that offer discounted products or services to their members. You’re paying money to join a club that will give you discounted rates on all things related to traveling. This might be something that would interest any traveler, besides the fact that you can make money by referring other people to join the club as well. My opinion is this is a simple business plan with sound products. I wouldn’t recommend it to people that don’t like to travel and save money, but how many people do you know that don’t like that? Whether you join TVI Express or any other MLM business online, you’ll need to set up your own marketing system just like every single top producer in any company uses.

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